February 20, 2018
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Books by Judy Strong

A Child's Grief
A Child's Grief:
Surviving the Death
of a Parent



No Time to Grieve
No Time to Grieve
A Survivor's Guide to
Loss and Healing



Judy Strong—Founder, Author, Speaker & Educator

Judy StrongJudy Strong is founder of Survive Strong Resources, a website that offers education and support to those experiencing grief, loss, and adversity.

Judy has been an educator for more than 20 years and has taught preschool through grade 12. Judy achieved her B.A. from Crown College of St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, and her continuing education in grief and loss issues includes certification as grief facilitator through New Song Center for Grieving Children, a program of Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix.

No Time to Grieve: A Survivor’s Guide to Loss and Healing, Judy’s first published book, began as a journal, following the death of her husband. A reference and guide book, it takes readers through the practical and emotional steps of early bereavement, and was a 2005 Writers Notes Book Award. Judy’s second book, A Child’s Grief: Surviving the Death of a Parent  was published in 2010, and was a ReaderViews gold book award winner. A Child’s Grief offers insight into the grieving child’s experience and what it takes to begin healing.

Current work includes building her B2B Copywriting business, and maintaining her websites, www.survive-strong.com and www.judycopywrite.com. She continues to write articles for numerous websites and has e-books on Amazon.

Judy lives in sun City West, AZ. where she has family. She continues to enjoy her favorite hobbies of gardening and quilting. Please contact her at either of her websites.

Buy Books from Judy – As always, I treasure my relationship with the grieving community.  Putting helpful books in the hands of mourners is a labor of love. Earlier this year I made the decision to take No Time To Grieve and A Child’s Grief out of print. You may obtain a copy of both or either titles from me, personally. Contact me by email, judystrong758@hotmail.com, or by phone, 480-272-1202. Books are priced at $5.00 each plus postage. Invoice included with book mailing.  I’d love to hear from you!


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