October 18, 2021
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Spring Cleaning

April 19th, 2009 by judytalks

My last blog talked about the magic of this season and encouraged you to revisit those ideas you left on the back burner. I, too, forget to finish projects and pursue ideas that seem great at the time.
This past week I’ve been cleaning up my act, taking care of business, and making sure that my business and my personal life have fewer loose ends.
Procrastination! The bane of accomplishment. Since I “retired” and began to write, I have been busier than ever. Learning the fundamentals of business, understanding the workings of a well-designed website, and keeping up with friends, family, and interests is as demanding as any job I ever had!
But such joy! It’s busyness I created – on purpose. Being in the driver’s seat makes all the difference. If you haven’t already, revisit those inspired ideas and finish the projects you were always going to do.
Let spring warm and nurture you and remember that it’s about new growth and new life – yours!
I wish you well.

The Magic of Spring

April 13th, 2009 by judytalks

It’s spring jacket weather in the midwest, where I am right now. When winter comes to a screeching halt everyone bolts outside to sniff the warm, moist air and bond with nature.
New life characterizes the season – baby animals, green leaves on trees and bushes, and a lilt in everyone’s step. New ideas, new incentive. amd renewed energy make Spring a time of possibilities.
I’m visiting here to see family and also to do some business. I have a new book to publish that excites me. The subject I write about is grief, loss, and recovery and this book talks about children and their experiences with losing a parent. My research tells me that there is much we need to do to help children feel secure and understand loss. The purpose of this book will do just that.
Since I arrived here I’ve had the privilege of meeting my new grandson, spending time with the family, watching deer graze from the apartment balcony and observing the spring mating rites of the wild turkey. WOW what a great vacation!
Now is the time to set new goals or vigorously pursue those left on the back burner. Breathe in the fresh air and bound outside your comfort zone. It’s time to push up and blossom.
All my best,

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