October 18, 2021
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May 25th, 2009 by judytalks

It’s a national holiday today and I’ll be singing, having lunch with neighbors, and just plain relaxing. Celebrations commemorate an event. It calls for acknowledgement, fun, and usually food. I plan to do it all.
What’s the point in remembering? Well, events are important. And if we don’t make an effort to celebrate, our mundane lives will miss a chance to connect with people just to have fun.
So celebrate today, touch base with family and friends, and relax. Food is optional.

Life-long Learning

May 13th, 2009 by judytalks

The drive to learn is built into me. I always loved school, can spend hours in a library, and eagerly pursue knowledge. I’ve spent most of the past year learning about business, and particularly about website businesses. Both these subjects are like foreign languages to me. My proficiency is sub-par. However, I began a web business to inform and connect with people on my subject – grief, loss and recovery -and I plan to continue to learn because that’s what it takes for success.

How often have you begun a project that interests – even excites you, only to discover that there are requirements that frustrate or bore you? Now comes the hard questions. Do you tackle it? dump it? or find someone who loves what you hate to keep the ball rolling?

If it takes a whole village to raise a child, it also takes a few (or more) good people to get a good idea off the ground. I finally realized I could accomplish more if I do what I do best – write- and let others do the stuff that drives me crazy. That is, perhaps, the best piece of information  I’ve ever acquired.

I’m a great promoter of connecting. There’s a saying “Don’t die with your music still in you.”  Connect with those people who sing a different tune than you do, and see what great music you can make!

As always, I wish you well.


Weekend Coming

May 7th, 2009 by judytalks

It’s Thursday afternoon, I’m leaving town tomorrow, mid-afternoon, and it’s time to pack. I pack early.
AZ. is in the triple digits, but there’s a lovely breeze, and I’ll venture out later when it’s cooler.
What do you do on weekends? Something planned, something spontaneous? Unwind with friends?
Friday night has always been crash time for me. I started this habit in high school with Friday night dates, continued through college, and haven’t been able to break the habit.
You may have a different crash time, but it’s important that you unwind sometime. I know people who can’t be away from the computer or cell phone for even 6 hours. The crash comes hard for them.
Creative people say that they do their best work during total relaxation. The head clears, the mind rests, and the creative juices can flow. As a writer, I have to bond with nature when I hit a dry spell. Nothing snaps me out of it better than strolling through a nature center, garden, or park. Waterfalls or babbling brooks are especially effective.
When times are tough, it’s difficult to relax and unwind. We feel compelled to race to the finish line, whatever that may be. A depressed economy puts people’s moods in the dumps.
Take time this weekend to renew yourself in a garden setting or a walk through the park. Let your senses awaken and breathe it all in. You just might get some terrific creative ideas.
I wish you well.

May Flowers in the Desert

May 1st, 2009 by judytalks

It’s May 1st, cloudy in Arizona, but the desert is in bloom. My prickly pear is covered with bright yellow flowers, which brings swarms of bees for the spring rite of pollination. Whew!
We spent a couple days this past week observing the hugh varieties of cactus and their abundant blossoms. A trip to the arboretum saw a wonder of plant life that was both still and stunning. A miracle in progress. The next day we visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, another spectacular array of all things native to the southwest. A special treat accompanied this trip. The gifted handblown glass artist, Dale Chihuly was exhibiting his work, placed outside among the desert plants. It’s more than a visual treat; it’s truly inspiring.
Creativity takes many forms. Most of us aren’t geniuses, but our endeavor to bring balance, tranquility, peace, beauty – whatever moves you-gives both nature and humanity refreshment and relaxation.
If you want or need to rebalance a part of your life, plant a garden, plant a cactus, paint a rock, visit a garden or nature center and breathe in the fresh outlook.
I wish you well,

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