September 29, 2020
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The Wonder Years

June 24th, 2010 by judytalks

I loved that show. I loved the characters and I appreciated the authenticity of its stories. Showing children the way they really are is a challenge, because its so easy to exaggerate.
When I taught preschool, I was continually amazed at the imaginations and adaptability of small children. They learn through all their senses, often simultaneously, exploring the world, their world, in order to live in it, not conquer it.
The one leveler in a child’s life is loss. A youngster simply can’t imagine something they love or need being gone. It’s an assault on their whole being. When it’s a parent, or anyone they love, the crying need – demand really- for answers is critical. Why and how the world works is their primary task and joy and it’s run amuck.
When there aren’t answers, or none that satisfy, the only consolation is consistent connecting and comfort that goes beyond mere “I’m sorry”. Restoring a positive world view will take time and effort. The child has an abundance of time and the adults around her must give an abundance of effort. True healing won’t take place until their world is again safe. Children who don’t completely heal may spend a lifetime trying to “make things right”.
If you know a bereaved child, simply connect. Friendly, interested, warm is more than sufficient. It gives their gray world view a bit of color – the color of love.

What did you do on your summer vacation?

June 12th, 2010 by judytalks

So far, mine has been quite busy. Juggling and organizing travel and events for work and play makes me think I should just stay home. But how boring…

A short trip for a graduation I wouldn’t miss, an anticipated time with family in the midwest, opportunities for connecting with book stores and groups that work with grief and/or kids are all must items.

I’m lucky to be able to enjoy all this variety. It’s cool today in AZ., we’re going to a play this evening, and everyone’s well. Hope you are too.


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