October 18, 2021
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Vacation Time

July 26th, 2010 by judytalks

Tomorrow begins my much anticipated vacation in the Twin Cities where I’ll visit with family and talk with people about A Child’s Grief. I especially like to talk with people who work directly with children, as they seem to understand the need for better ways to help with loss issues.
My work in this area is beginning to bear fruit, I’m connecting with people who need information, and starting to develop products that teach healing and moving forward.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay cool.

What I Learn When I Listen

July 17th, 2010 by judytalks

I’ve been writing seriously for nearly ten years now, and have talked with and to many people on the subjects close to my heart. The issues of grief, loss, and life building are crucial to the health and well being of persons, families, and community in general. Everyone suffering loss needs to talk about the grieving process, but very few want to listen. Perhaps that’s why, when I talk to individuals for research, or teach a seminar, people open up and pour out long held feelings about death and mourning. Even in social situations it’s not uncommon, when I mention my writing, for one or more persons to share a story about the loss of a loved one.
What is it that keeps us from encouraging this exchange of personal situations? The stories are rarely morbid in tone, in fact they’re usually more anecdotal, sometimes even humorous, but reveal honest emotions regarding their loss.
It’s likely we shy away from death because it seems scary and too personal. But I’ve learned, and research confirms, that the more we connect and contribute to the knowledge base, the more relaxed we become.
Do I recommend social gatherings spend an entire evening discussing the finer points of death and bereavement? Of course not. I would suggest that when someone brings up the subject that we all listen quietly, contribute if you wish, and know that you’ve helped create a healthier model for others to follow.

Summertime Means Vacation.

July 8th, 2010 by judytalks

The 4th of July always means that summer is half over. Usually I’m just getting into the swing of things, and it’s no different this year. My plans have changed 4 or 5 times since late winter when we decided to spend 3 months in MN. visiting family, doing some book business, and just seeing the wonderful sights, indoors and out, in beautiful Minnesota.
I’ll be flying to MN on July 27th while my husband stays here to hold down the fort. My plans for book talks about A Child’s Grief are being finalized, with some open spots for contacts with interested groups. Most importantly, I’ll be catching up with family, people I only see a few times a year – not nearly enough.
Years ago, families took one 2-week vacation a year, went someplace interesting, usually by car, and brought home rolls and rolls of pictures. Family events were often frequent throughout the year because they stayed close to home after growing up. And even though flying today takes far less time and probably costs less than driving, we simply don’t make it a point to spend time with folks – family or friends – who really matter to us. I’m determined to change that in my life. I’m going to vacate my premises several times throughout the year, hassle through security, pack light and pop in regularly.
Real hugs are good for the soul.
Happy rest of the summer.

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