October 18, 2021
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Reaching Your Audience Writing and Speaking

October 30th, 2010 by judytalks

Writers are told to show, don’t tell when developing plot in a fictional piece. The same rule applies to non-fiction writing. My books and articles on grief, loss, and healing are filled with real-life experiences, including my own. I interview people who have survived the death of a loved one, researched studies that include many such instances, and talk with professionals about the general aspects of bereavement.
I love the writing process. Knowing someone can read and re-read my words of comfort, support, and practical information defines my purpose. But the most personal way to connect is in live talks, face to face, book in hand, and sharing what I know with those in need.
The subject of grief is scary and unpleasant to many people. But the fact of loss and pain is very real. The more we know going in, the better we hopefully will come out at the end of our mourning process.
As I begin to strike out and connect with people “live and in person” I plan to make these subjects palatable, relaxed, and filled with positive resources for my audience. Managing pain and moving forward doesn’t mean leaving your loved one behind; it means putting that person to rest so you can sustain a purposeful life. Survivors help others to heal and to grow.

I wish you well,

Exposure – Is This Going To Hurt?

October 18th, 2010 by judytalks

Putting yourself out there just smacks of risk, pain, and embarrassment. It takes a thick skin to tell people who you are, what you care about, and why they should trust you.
As a survivor, writer, and teacher on subjects of grief and loss, I understand the vulnerability of those in the mourning process. I need to lead gently, but to elicit a response , I also need to persuade. Without a response, no one benefits.
In looking at the websites and magazine copy of those doing similar work as mine, I’m happy to see a variety of backgrounds and intentions, as well as many areas of loss being covered. These include trauma, early grief, understanding loss, moving forward, and healing. When I lost my husband 20 years ago, there was far less available. That’s what prompted my writing on the subject.
Today, there are workshops, articles, books, grief groups, and camps for children. What could be better than offering resources for everyone experiencing sorrow, and that includes all of us.
I’m putting myself out there to connect with the grieving community, prioritizing their need for comfort and support. In doing so, I intend to impart a sense of hope, the beginning of healing and growth.

Be well,

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