October 18, 2021
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Lifelong Learning

January 25th, 2011 by judytalks

I am experiencing a very busy week as a participant in an intensive learning program to become a grief facilitator.

The classes have been highly informative, yet relaxed and enjoyable. The anticipated opportunity to work with children and families in a supportive capacity as they grieve fills me with a little apprehension and lots of wonder.

My family experienced loss and mourning twenty years ago this month. There was far less available in the way of help and support. Today, individuals and families may receive the comfort and support they need to truly grieve and to heal.

Meanwhile, I continue to write and look for places to educate. Drop me a line on my website.

Have a wonderful day,


Wrapping up the Week

January 22nd, 2011 by judytalks

Friday has always been my “crash” day. It was date night in high school – movie and a pizza. In college the books were shoved in a corner and the evening devoted to unwinding.

It’s many years later, but I cling to the Friday night ritual of wrapping up the week. Grief concerns this week focused on writing a booklet for grappling with the immediate aftermath of death and loss. I’m in the editing stage now. I also entered my book, A Child’s Grief Surviving the Death of a Parent in a couple book award contests. We’ll see…..

As the week winds down, I have an all-day training session tomorrow. I’m excited to dig in. The new year is promising to be more focused and in-depth than last year. Better decisions means more contentment.

Hope your week was fruitful.


Opportunity to Connect

January 18th, 2011 by judytalks

I’m always looking for ways to connect with people of all and any ages to share grief experiences. A few months ago I discovered a wonderful opportunity to work with children who are mourning the death of a loved one.

New Song Center for Grieving Children offers a training program to become a grief facilitator, and I will begin training this Saturday. I am eagerly anticipating this new venture in my life. Working with young children has been a source of great joy for me, as a preschool teacher and as a volunteer in a variety of organizations. I am looking forward to this opportunity to again connect with youngsters.

The subject of grief is ongoing in our society. Though the immediate impact of the violence in Tucson has begun to subside, the pain, grief, and adjustment have just begun. No one is ever the same after such trauma. We can learn how to help one another, whether friend, family or stranger.

Listen, really listen when someone expresses feelings or ideas.
Comfort by acknowledging their situation.
Support by helping with simple, everyday things.

Follow my new venture with New Song. I’ll post often.

I wish you well.

Tragedy and Staying Strong

January 10th, 2011 by judytalks

I last wrote about the violent assassination attempt on a Congresswoman in Tucson, AZ. Though I knew none of the persons who were struck, wounded, or killed, I was deeply affected. The element of feeling secure when out and about – at a supermarket, no less- is shattered in light of this incident. But the larger fact to consider are the extreme emotions felt by individuals who commit these crimes.

To share the genuine grief of those personally involved is simpler than to actually mourn for a loved one.

Those who help grieving people encourage openness and regular expression of their emotions, as a means of receiving comfort and healing. It takes strength to do this. Standing tall, acknowledging their deep pain, and mourning openly will yield healing, and give confidence for moving forward. But is takes time.

I wish us well, those of us who have witnessed tragedy. I especially send love and prayers to those who have experienced personally the loss of a life too dear to them.


A Sober Look at the Faces of Death

January 9th, 2011 by judytalks

The New Year has begun and my goals and plans are made for new business ventures and writing opportunities. I decided to blog today because I had neglected this enjoyable way of communicating, as busyness crowded my time during the holidays. Christmas, for me, is filled with joy and happiness that comes from the closeness of family and friends.

I signed on to the internet and, there, in bold headlines was the shocking news of a shooting in Tucson, in which a congresswoman had been shot in the head. In all, 18 people were hit, 6 were dead, and the gunman apprehended.

I don’t report news of this kind, as a rule. I tell people of the sadness and despair that follows the death of a loved one, regardless of the circumstances. My concern and expertise are tied to emotional upheaval and the need to put a loved one to rest. Comfort and healing are the necessary ingredients for survivors when a life is lost.

As I listened to the news reports, the tears came and a deep feeling of sadness enveloped me. My childhood was spent in a small town, and at a time, when shootings, street violence, and random killings were not frequent occasions. The people who lost loved ones today will need support and comfort for a long time. Those who were injured may be traumatized for many years.

Regardless of how a death occurs, there are warm, loving, and effective means for helping the bereaved.
Affirm their feelings.
Spend time with them, preferably in person, but otherwise, by phone.
Assure them that you care and can be counted on for support.
Plan short activities out and about that are relaxing.

My personal goal for 2011 is to stay strong and give more.
My business goal for 2011 is to learn more and reach more.

Here goes, New Year!
Cheers to everyone.

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