October 19, 2021
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Books by Judy Strong

A Child's Grief
A Child's Grief:
Surviving the Death
of a Parent



No Time to Grieve
No Time to Grieve
A Survivor's Guide to
Loss and Healing



Articles by Judy Strong

Holiday Grievers Gifts for a Friend

Celebrating the holidays is difficult for grievers. Here are a few intangible gifts that lift the spirit and ease the pain of loss. Read more

Grieving at Holiday Times

Grief and mourning can be overwhelming during the holidays. By following cherished traditions we can be consoled and comforted, even while mourning the loss of a loved one. These ideas will help you to acknowledge those special holidays as you begin to move forward in your walk with grief. Read more

A Friend in Need Help is on the Way

When your best friend turns to you for help in a crisis, do you know what to do? Here are some guidelines for assuring that help is on the way. Read more

Comfort For a Hurting Child

Reaching out to a child in pain begins with an understanding of children’s feelings, and knowing the tools that lead to healing. Giving comfort instills hope and confidence, and begins the process of mourning that will help the child overcome adversity. Read more

From Surviving to Thriving The Effects of Loss

Loss is a devastating event for which we are never prepared. Making decisions is difficult and the pain is severe. There are positive steps you can take to handle the almost impossible task of dealing with your loss. Read more

Grieving Children – Surviving the Loss of a Parent

When a child loses a parent, there is deep sadness and a sense of abandonment. Helping such a child can be difficult. These sensitive ideas give caring adults ways to offer comfort and security. Read more

Rebuilding Your Life – By Accident or Design

Recovery from grief and loss brings unbearable pain. Your new life begins and it can be rebuilt by accident or design. Here are four considerations to help you move forward with thought and purpose. Read more

Comfort for a Grieving Friend

When a friend is in mourning, words seem inadequate. A warm, supportive response acknowledges the pain, while easing them through the recovery period. The holidays are especially difficult, and friends can help with the healing. Read more

Condolences Versus Comfort – Working Toward Healing

Condolences are the heartfelt words conveyed to others who have lost a loved one. They sincerely acknowledge the sadness and perhaps shock at the death of a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker. Read more

Active Grieving – A Process For Hope and Healing

Successful mourning requires an active approach that emphasizes personal time, conservation of energy, and focused persistence. This process leads to true comfort and healing, the real goal of grieving. Confidence and growth will enable you to move forward with a renewed spirit. Read more

Grief and Isolation – Friend to Friend Support

The pain and trauma of losing a loved one is devastating, so overwhelming you can barely breathe. The longing for your loved one haunts you day and night, pushing everything else out of your mind. Read more

Death of Your Life’s Partner – Finding Your Footing After Loss

An older couple, let’s call them Ed and Marilyn, were deep into a relaxed and enjoyable retired life when illness threatened their security. Changes in Marilyn’s behavior had been noticeable over a few month’s time, and a dizzy spell and subsequent fall landed them in the emergency room. Read more


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