October 27, 2021
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Books by Judy Strong

A Child's Grief
A Child's Grief:
Surviving the Death
of a Parent



No Time to Grieve
No Time to Grieve
A Survivor's Guide to
Loss and Healing



Praise for No Time to Grieve

The loss of a loved one can be so devastating that we may not be able to comprehend life’s tasks or make sense out of our world. While some grief books may be too long to bear, author, Judy Strong has created a simple survivor’s pocket guide…giving us the tools to manage the unbearable.

Kian Dwyer, author of Living Your Chosen Eulogy: Choosing to Live Your Most Honorable Self

To author’s daughter, Jennifer

Dear Jenny, first the book arrived today and I have looked at it. Boy…did it bring back a flood of memories. I started crying, yes, I still do cry, and put the book down for now. Thank you for sending it. Your mother definitely put it just like I remember.

From friend Sheree

To author’s daughter, Amy

WOW!! I saw the book that your mom wrote. What an accomplishment! I actually have a background in Estate Planning. I’m a paralegal, and the things she wrote in there about setting up affairs and the like is really important. She did such an awesome job of explaining things concisely and in “plain English.”

From friend Robin


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