October 19, 2021
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Books by Judy Strong

A Child's Grief
A Child's Grief:
Surviving the Death
of a Parent



No Time to Grieve
No Time to Grieve
A Survivor's Guide to
Loss and Healing



Grief Recovery: Speaking from Experience

Author, educator and survivor, Judy Strong has developed several Survive Strong Resources presentations. Appropriate for adults and professionals in funeral homes, assisted living facilities, adult recreation, or senior centers, hospital or hospice support groups, social service agencies, corporate human resources or estate planning, the following workshops can also be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Active Grieving

This workshop approaches the process of mourning by setting goals and solving problems. You will learn how and why you need to express emotions, the importance of self-care, and how to handle responsibilities without compromising the time and energy you need to effectively grieve your loss. 1 hour. Handout for reference.

The Courage to Grow from Mourning to New Life

This workshop teaches you to reach inside yourself and discover the resources you have for healing and beginning a new life. You will begin with Change and Discovery, and work through to Connections, Possibilities, and finally Decision Time. Interactive and introspective for when you are ready. 3 hours. 5 page handout to use at workshop and reference at home.

Grief in the Workplace

This workshop helps businesses and their employees understand and determine personal and appropriate responses to death in the workplace. When an employee dies, or a co-worker has a personal loss, how should this be handled? The workshop gives guidelines for addressing procedures and responses to this difficult situation. 30 – 60 min. Handout for reference.

Getting Your Affairs in Order

This workshop gives relevant information regarding the legal and financial matters that accompany handling an estate. Whether you have already suffered a loss, or you want to be prepared, the information teaches you what documents are necessary, where to find them or get copies, and how to make decisions you can live with regarding money, medical, and legal issues. 90 min. Includes Judy’s award-winning book, No Time to Grieve and workshop handouts.

Connecting with Kids for Comfort and Healing

This workshop teaches you to understand what the grieving child needs and how to provide it. You will learn about the primary concerns, and be given insight and concrete solutions for comforting such a child that leads to healing. 90 min. Includes Judy’s latest book, A Child’s Grief and workshop handouts.

Judy will be available for a question and answer period after the presentations as well as pre-booked private consultations. For pricing and to book a presentation or reserve consultation, please contact us.

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Ideal for:

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Adult Recreation or Senior Centers
  • Hospital or Hospice Support Groups
  • Funeral Director Associations
  • Corporate Human Resources Depts
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Libraries or Estate Planners

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