October 19, 2021
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Fresh Air

July 12th, 2011 by judytalks

A breath of fresh air is always welcome. It’s said to clear the head, stimulate different ideas, and open up new perspectives on difficult problems.

I’m breathing fresh air right now because I’m in the Twin Cities, enjoying family and friends and the beautiful MN. scenery.

I also have acquired a fresh approach to grief and loss issues. I’ve been writing on these subjects for several years now, volunteering as a grief facilitator, and talking with people of all ages about mourning and the healing process. As I looked over my accumulated material, gathered from my and other’s experiences, I recognized a theme.

When you begin to acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful things about your loved one, places you’ve been, and the closeness you shared, you begin to breathe deeply again, taking in the fresh air around you. To embrace that irreplaceable time gives a boost to the healing process. Some of the sadness is replaced with joy and confidence. By putting your loved one to rest, you can rest, and clear your head for facing the future. Those treasured memories are a foundation that sustains you as you breathe new life into your world.

Wherever you are in your healing process, take a big gulp of air, clear your mind, and refresh your soul. Love never dies; people do. Survivors walk hand in hand with their treasured  keepsakes.

I wish you well,


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