October 19, 2021
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A Loss of Trust

September 16th, 2012 by judytalks

Election Day is nearly here and uncertainty seems to be the byword for this important event in American life. My blog is about grief, not politics, and grief is exactly what I see everyday. I see it in the news, in my emails, and I hear it in the conversations with friends and family members. I believe what we have lost in trust, stability, and economic security has thrown our country into a state of mourning that won’t go away soon.

I can feel the effects of grief in the voices of people, and see the pain and fear in their faces. Grief causes sadness, anxiety, and confusion. As a nation, we are mourning the loss of life as we knew it, and we have our fellow citizens to question and hold accountable. Whose job is this? It’s ours.

I began changing who I do business with a couple of years ago. A new, small bank, no clothes purchases for 18 mos. until I found American made clothing, and careful scrutiny about every place that I shopped. Will my efforts make a difference? Probably a drop in the bucket. But I’m beginning to perk up and stop expecting someone else to fix what’s broken. When I belonged to the League of Women Voters (yeah, men can join), the first thing they taught me is that I am the government. Wow! What a power surge! Go for it!

President Judy

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