October 19, 2021
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Time to Reflect

May 31st, 2011 by judytalks

My quiet time has been a staple in my life for many years. Setting aside a designated time and place for unwinding and reflecting on what’s happening is food for my soul, and as necessary as food for the body. When I start to neglect it, I begin to starve.

May has always seemed to be the busiest month of the year, and this May has been no different. Commitments to wrap up, plans to make, problems to wrangle with and just daily living got me off my routine. And somehow when I neglect myself, I also lose track of the important people in my life. I disconnect.

I have a firm belief that we are all connected to one another in some way, but especially to those people we love. A disconnection has to be remedied immediately.

Reinstating my quiet time has restored my balance and allowed me to get back on track. My fuzzy focus is gone and I am prioritizing the things I really value.

My commitment to comfort and the grieving community is taking a new but solid approach with writing ideas and a positive spirit. My work with New Song has been uplifting and my plans for reaching more people are taking shape.

My mind works better when I clear out the cobwebs and delete the junk mail I’ve accumulated. Here’s to a better brain.


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