October 27, 2021
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The “Single” Fear

September 22nd, 2012 by judytalks

Of the millions of single people in the US, the majority are women and many of them fall below the poverty line. There are several reasons for this, including no work experience, no savings, and little or no education. But the women I see and talk with are a glaring exception to these facts. All are trained or educated, have years of work behind them (some still working), and all have retirement accounts they established alone or while married. Yes, some single/poor are men, but many more are women.

What happened? The economy, of course, has taken its toll on everyone. Lost resources, helping family members, and forced retirement accounts for a big chunk of what worries everyone. But deep down, the fears of not having enough to live on come from the sense of injustice that caused the downfall. We simply can’t trust the institutions that gave stability, honesty and dependability to our way of life.

Is it really asking too much for the American people to expect their government to know how to run a country?
Is it even plausable that the justice department can’t prosecute top people in the financial sectors because the laws of integrity weren’t written down?

Should the people who built neighborhoods, communities, schools, sports and children’s programs be living in fear that they’ll end up living under a bridge?

I’m being blunt because I see and hear the sense of alarm wherever I go. What will it take to allay these fears? Can we really rebuild the foundation that assured honesty and integrity, without having to legislate it?

I see people helping people, exchanging goods and services without the exchange of money. I’ve witnessed young people changing the way they look at values and independence, families prioritizing education over home ownership, and retirees offering skills for little or no pay to give a hand up.

I believe this country is owned and operated by its people, and those elected or appointed work for us. It only takes a few minutes to let them know what we want for the salary we’re paying them. Google them and drop them a line.


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