October 27, 2021
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The Creative Spark

March 31st, 2011 by judytalks

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of Girl Scouts who were getting their Writing Badge. Ranging in age from kindergarten to 4th grade, (the youngest were there for the experience), each girl had completed several writing exercises.

We talked about a variety of topics dealing with writing, including genres, author habits, and the benefits of just keeping a journal. All in all, I enjoyed the experience and learned much from them. They like to express themselves and they appreciate a chance to share ideas.

Whenever I have been encouraged, I work harder and devote more time and energy to the project. Support can make the difference between continuing or giving up.

I’ve said before that I love being around children; they’re honest, enthusiastic, and imaginative. However, adults also need to be encouraged. The creative spark can be applied to writing, music, art, sports, and to the task of creative problem solving. LIfe’s ups and downs require sweat and tears. Would that we will always get that extra push when we need it.


The Year of Magical Planning

March 12th, 2011 by judytalks

A Child’s Grief was published in January, 2010. Even before the manuscript was edited, I began putting together a marketing plan that would inform and encourage grievers and those who help them to become educated about death, grief and loss.

To date, I have reached many, many people. Groups, organizations, in-person discussions, and online social networking has spread the notion that death education doesn’t have to come after the fact in our society. We can learn how to help ourselves and others.

I am gratified to see more openness on this subject, more willingness to talk and listen, more groups and centers that address all the aspects of recovery and healing.

My recent 1st place book award from Reader Views 2010 Book Award contest has given me pleasure and encouragement that I am living my passion. Keeping you informed about bereavement is my heart’s desire, motivated first because I am a survivor, then, as an educator and writer. My most recent endeavor, to become a grief facilitator for grieving children and families strengthens my resolve to forge ahead.

Please avail yourself of the resources on these personal and important subjects on my website, www.survive-strong.com. When trauma strikes, the more you know before hand, the better you will emerge from the awfulness that is mourning. I wish you well.


Reaching Your Audience Writing and Speaking

October 30th, 2010 by judytalks

Writers are told to show, don’t tell when developing plot in a fictional piece. The same rule applies to non-fiction writing. My books and articles on grief, loss, and healing are filled with real-life experiences, including my own. I interview people who have survived the death of a loved one, researched studies that include many such instances, and talk with professionals about the general aspects of bereavement.
I love the writing process. Knowing someone can read and re-read my words of comfort, support, and practical information defines my purpose. But the most personal way to connect is in live talks, face to face, book in hand, and sharing what I know with those in need.
The subject of grief is scary and unpleasant to many people. But the fact of loss and pain is very real. The more we know going in, the better we hopefully will come out at the end of our mourning process.
As I begin to strike out and connect with people “live and in person” I plan to make these subjects palatable, relaxed, and filled with positive resources for my audience. Managing pain and moving forward doesn’t mean leaving your loved one behind; it means putting that person to rest so you can sustain a purposeful life. Survivors help others to heal and to grow.

I wish you well,

The Midwest Connection

September 14th, 2009 by judytalks

A four-day road trip is more tiring than I remembered, but we made it in one piece. Our accomodations are comfortable, weather considerably cooler than AZ and family is nearby.
I will be working with my publisher and publicity group to get out the word that my book, A Child’s Grief Surviving the Death of a Parent, is coming soon! Comforting others through loss and adversity is difficult and sad. With some knowledge and inormation, we can ease the pain of healing, and help those in mourning toward new life.
Plans are in the making for visits and outings with family while we’re here. Grandchildren manage to grow even while we’re away, and time spent together enriches all around. There’s much to see and do in the Twin Cities, indoors and out. Lakes, parks, science museums, art galleries, and big back yards for sitting and playing.
Leaves are starting to turn-something I’ve missed since moving to AZ. Have a great fall season wherever you are.
Please check out my website, www.judystrong.com for news about my book and other ideas for Living By Design.

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