October 19, 2021
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Happy Healthy Children

May 25th, 2010 by judytalks

Picture a playground filled with children of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds. See them running, swinging, and playing all sorts of games, having a great time. The noise is just about deafening, and the energy amazing. Is there any sight more appealing and satisfying?
Now picture one child sitting alone, head down and looking sad. Is this child sick? Why doesn’t someone send him home? Possibly he isn’t sick; maybe he’s a child who’s mourning.
At any given time, there are people, adults and children alike, who are grieving the loss of a loved one.¬†They don’t feel like participating in their regular activities, work or school seems a burden, and having fun seems impossible.
No one likes to see someone sad. But what can we do to ease the pain for a grieving child? How can we help her to start to enjoy her friends and activities again, even though there will still be sad times?
Here are the major concerns that children have when they have lost a loved one, especially a parent.
1. They need someone to listen. It’s hard for a child to tell you what bothers them and they may need encouragement and patience.
2. A child needs to be allowed to express their feelings and thoughts about the loss of their loved one. However they are most comfortable should be allowed and encouraged. This includes talking, drawing, writing, or making something commemorative.
3. A child -centered approach should be maintained regarding family situations and changes that take place. Consider how your decisions will affect the child, and act accordingly if at all possible.
4. It’s important that adults not impose their own fears and responsibilities on a child. By all means, express your sadness and be honest, but don’t add to the child’s burden of loss.
Childhood won’t always be a happy time. Bad things happen to kids as well as adults. But a little investment of time and thought can give a child stability and a sense of security they all need, especially when times are difficult. A playgound filled with happy, healthy children can be a reality.


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