October 27, 2021
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Tips for Connecting with Kids

June 15th, 2013 by judytalks

Kids love to connect with adults. Adults sometimes have no idea how to connect with kids, even though they once were a kid. Whether this child is your own, a member of the extended family, or is in your life in some other capacity, connecting isn’t rocket science.

Tell the child something about yourself. Kids really want to get to know you.Then ask a question. And listen to the child’s response carefully. How they answer often says more than what they say. Is there enthusiasm in their voice, do they sound persuasive, are you being asked for an opinion?

Getting to know how a child expresses him/herself reaps rewards down the road. If this child should encounter a problem, or suffer a loss, you’ll be more in tune with the child’s emotions, and better able to give support. Children can’t always articulate what they feel, but they show it in their tone of voice and their physical demeanor.

If you want to remain in this child’s life – and reap all the benefits of being their friend – just spend time and listen. They’ll tell you everything about themselves eventually, and being a child’s friend is a special privilege.

Take a child on a nature walk and collect some bugs. It’s great fun!


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